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3D Models / Digital Sculptures

With a real appreciation for art, versatile experience and love to explore new horizons of creativity using the latest technological tools, our designs emit creativity and sophistication. We have a background in fine art and have demonstrated our skills time to time.


We create 3D portrait with photo realistic similarity from any photo, doing sculpting, modeling,  textures and lighting sets with rendering for a film, advertising, entertainment, 3D printing, engraving and computer-controlled carving on CNC etc. This is a complex and laborious process requiring time and expertise. Even if the experience and knowledge are worthless, time is expensive. Only few people in the world can do a portrait likeness perfectly. You'll get high polygonal surface mesh in format: .dxf, obj, .stl, etc. 


The amount of work we have to perform to turn objects and other items depends on the complexity of the image and is different in each case. Feel free to contact us, indicating as much information about your project as you can. To evaluate the costs few details are of great significance: the complexity of haircut, presence or absence of beard, young or wrinkled face, complexity of the clothing, accessories, facial expression and background, the portrait or only the head with the shoulders, etc. To save the cost and time feel free to contact us furnishing maximum possible information. And for what purpose you need a 3d model of character or portrait.

Ignore all these details, if your time and budget is not limited.



Why Choose Us

At   We
  • have  best design artists in the industry
  • offer the most affordable prices
  • observe strict quality controls
  • follow the best privacy policy and security measures
  • boast of quick turnaround time
  • have more than 20 years of expertise in this field
  • help you save TIME and more than 60% of your costs

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