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If you have chosen us, we say you've made the right decision. We will discuss your requirements and explain how we will interpret your image into beautiful artwork, creative, 3D Model or 3D CAD. Our team of designers will create your Design from whatever information you have available whether that's photographs, a product, architectural plans or even a hand drawing. Now let the Magic begin!


Select the Services

Visit the Designing Services. Choose a Service package and fill an Enquiry FormFill out your personal information and Enquiry Information – there you can tell us your ideas, list words that you would use to describe your project, if possible provide examples of designs that appeal to you as well. Big ideas? No ideas? No problem! Our most satisfied clients are those who put the most trust in our creativity. We understand that our clients aren’t design and marketing experts – that’s precisely why we’re here. We’re an ace design studio at your fingertips!


Supply Images

A strong photo can make a huge difference in the quality of your design. You can supply quality photographs taken with a digital camera at the highest setting possible. We cannot accept negatives. If you don’t have any images, let us know what you are looking for and we can come up with something awesome using photos from our stock collection.

Supply Text

You may supply a written hard copy of your text or a digital text file. We recommend digital text files (.doc), especially if your friends are always telling you that your handwriting is illegible. Typical text includes company info, services offered and place of business etc.


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  • 3D Modeling
    Please prepare some images of object capturing by camera from various angles, for example: front, back, left, right, top; at least get 4 various angles of front, back, left, right and send the images to us, We will send quotation based on the object’s design time and complexity of 3D model. If you accept the quotation, we will start the design work for you.

  • 2D-3D Conversion
    Before placing the first order please send an email to us, we will send you a set of sample point clouds. After testing these models on your specific laser system, please let us know the setting that produces the best result. We will use this setting for all your future jobs unless instructed otherwise.


Order by email
  • 3D Modeling

1. Email us captured images of object from various angles i.e. front, back, left, right, etc.

2. We will make quotation based on design time and complexity of 3D Model

3. If the quotation is accepted, we will send you the invoice.

4. Once the Bill is paid by Paypal or Wire Transfer, the Order will be processed and the artwork emailed to you.

  • 2D-3D conversion

1. Send the email to us with images attached, specifying crystal size, style etc. Indicate if require expedite service.

2. We will send you the Invoice

3. Once the Bill is paid, the order will be processed and the file will be emailed to you.

4. For repeated customers, we can arrange different payment schedule.


Our Design Support team will check out any materials you’ve sent. If we are missing anything or if we find any issues with your digital files, your Project Manager will contact you immediately.    


Our Design Process after approval

The designer will thoroughly review all of your materials and get started on the design. They may use images from our stock library, or textures and effects to enhance your package design. Our designers will create one complete package solution to best suit your needs. The Project Manager and Design Team will work closely together to ensure the professional quality of your package.


Delivery of your initial designs

After the order and payment is traced, you will receive initial concepts of samples within 48 hrs. Check out the smaple. While the final output may vary slightly from what you see on your own monitor or from the hardcopy proofs, rest assured that your completed package will meet our high standards for quality.


Make an improvement request

Give us your feedback. If you have design tweaks, color options, layout, graphic, font and text used in your designs, or are looking for something different, no worries! Our designers will get right on it. If any of the changes require color corrections or additional services, we may opt to send you a hardcopy proof instead. It’s worth noting that 75% of our clients approve their designs within two rounds of artwork.


Satisfaction - Our top priority

Make revision request if needed or you can make redraw request if you don't like the improvements. In this step, we focus in client satisfaction as our top priority.


Design Approval. Your Final draft

Take time to look over your Artwork carefully. If you are completely satisfied, just shoot an email to your Project Manager to let him/her know and we’ll get started on your job! After your approval, we send the files in various formats: .3sd, .obj, .stl, .dxf or .cad for 3D and .ai (adobe illustrator) .psd (Photoshop-file) .gif .jpg .tiff .png format for 2D creatives, as per your choice. You can send us testimonials regarding our services, our customer support, turnaround and your experience with best creations.


Artwork Download

A Design is ready to use for printing, engraving, rendering and broadcasting etc, as per services used. If you want we can also get you the printing, 3D engraving, with our allied partners.


Having given you a comprehensive overview of what we have to offer, why not take the opportunity to Contact Us soon to discuss your requirements.


As we understand your apprehensions about data security and privacy, we are always ready to sign non-disclosure agreement for your satisfaction.

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