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Glamour Photography

Glamour photography shot in a studio can be quite advantageous to models. Unlike natural lighting, a studio can be setup to shine just the right amount of light on the models, creating beautiful images that just couldn't happen with the natural lights outside. We use the highest quality lighting and equipment to ensure that your glamour photographs are only of the highest quality.

Backdrops come in almost every color and different props can be used from chairs to motorcycles to beds! Studio glamour photography is an exciting way to capture different and unique glamour model shots and in addition to outdoor glamour photography, can be used to build a beautiful model portfolio.

Sure you look great when you arrive at a casting call, but can you show the casting director the complete range of looks you’re able to pull off. That’s where a great portfolio sets you apart from all the other models waiting outside the door. At ADS, we understand how important your portfolio is to you in creating that dramatic first impression. A great portfolio opens doors; a lackluster one will close every door you’re trying to break through.


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