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Live Multi-Camera Setup

Multi camera techniques are used in programmes such as live television programmes like, 'Big Boss',‘The X-Factor’, ‘KBC’; dance programmes i.e. Dance India Dance, Nach Baliye and Film Award Nites; today almost 60% TV Programmes are filmed live. These television programmes use muti camera techniques to help capture every part of the programme to what’s actually getting shown to the audience all the way to the audience’s reactions. If the song is slow and emotional then the transitions between the cameras would be slow to fit the mood of the song and to satisfy the desired effect of the performance.

There are many more advantages to the a multi camera setup, one advantage is that a wide variety of shots are available to cut to, another advantage is that through the multi camera format you are able to edit the programme live, therefore being less time consuming and also cutting down on the cost of filming.  In India, nowdays even wedding, receptions and musical shows are incomplete without multi camera Setup and Jimmy Jib.




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