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Photo to 2D CAD

Photo Cleanup & Cad Conversion is our specialty. 


If you are looking for high quality 2D CAD for crystal engraving, you came to right place!


Before progressing with Cad conversion; we always take into consideration machine specification, point distance and accordingly we edit and design the Cads for optimum results. We can make high quality 2D CAD from image, logo and sketch etc. Our services are such a high quality at lowest cost that you will forget to spend on in-house designers.


We simply need your digital photo for converting ready to engrave cad file. It can be sent in various formats such as .jpg, .bmp, and .png. Your photo will be converted into a ready-to-laser, high-resolution file using our state of the art software. The brightness and contrast in your photo will be optimized to bring out the best results in the crystal. Logos and captions can be added and the image can also be resized and altered as per requirement As a part of the quality process implemented at Aoudh, all CAD files are thoroughly checked before the final copy is sent to the client.


2D cad conversion service with no tiling effect in engraving for just 2$ per image.
(image enhancing, editing, background removal is included).


We also offer high quality 360 degree 3D model Design and CAD conversion.



Please contact us for more information about our services and workflow!



Why Choose Us

At   We
  • have  best design artists in the industry
  • offer the most affordable prices
  • observe strict quality controls
  • follow the best privacy policy and security measures
  • boast of quick turnaround time
  • have more than 20 years of expertise in this field
  • help you save TIME and more than 60% of your costs

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