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Wedding Photography

Your important moments in your wedding day are once in a life time, so you might save the best memories not only in your heart and mind but also in hard copies or electronic images to be shared with your family and friends. We believe you want to ensure all those moments captured perfectly and live as long as possible.



We offer comprehensive discreet coverage from the bride's home if required right to the end of the reception, typically 24 hours or more, twice the coverage offered by others. Your wedding day will be the result of many months of planning and expense, this once in a lifetime event will just be a blur and seem to be over in no time. A professional video will be a wonderful momento of your day capturing the atmosphere of the occasion, enabling you to relive those special moments for your own pleasure along with family and friends.


It never ceases to amaze me that in the search for a professional wedding photographer, very often decisions are made on the basis of price. If there is one thing I can advise you on, price should be the least determining factor. What you should be looking for in a professional wedding photographer is the ability to capture this one moment for ever, in a way that you will enjoy viewing those images for the rest of your life.

You have only one shot at your wedding; you do not get any second chances. So why take a risk on amateur photographer. A professional wedding photographer makes all the difference. The wedding photographer will be the one person who has a lasting effect on the memory of your wedding.



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